Monday, 31 October 2011

Lara Croft TR - Underworld [IV]

=Work In Progress=

Anniversary lara is fucked(Shit poly)
so I continue with this one ^_^

Hope this shiz bug fixed:-
*too shiny
*stretched hand

Plz be patient ;o


  1. lara is so high? lol
    btw, plz make Zoey from L4D! XD

  2. I want boobs :D
    Looks nice btw

  3. Thx :D


    Zoey? nahh... Lara boobies is better one :)

  4. When is this model going to be released? the date of this blog has its time... i am wondering cause i love Lara and i always wanted her... and well done, your lara model looks better to the lara 2012 made... her eyebrows doesnt look good and looks skinny... Yours looks the same as in the game... simply perfect

  5. when the fuck is the lara croft models coming out damit man over one year i think the guy is not more working on it

  6. I loved that lara croft! I wanted so much that you put the link of it!

    thank you very much
    good luck